A New Approach to Personal Development Your Preferences is a graphics-based, personally tailored tool for understanding your personality and those of others.

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Interview Techniques for Individuals:


Interview coming up? Worried about what the panel will make of you, and what questions they'll ask? Use an enhanced understanding of personal type to achieve a successful interview.

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Training Skills for Trainers:


It's a daunting thing, a new training room: 'what are they thinking?' 'What am I going to do?' Apply a knowledge of personality type to take out some of the 'unknowns' of training.

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Change Leadership for Managers:


Clichéd, but true: the only constant in your work is Change! So stay ahead of the game, and prepare yourself to respond to organisational change quickly and productively.

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  • understand the personal preferences behind the ways you learn and interact
  • identify differences between yourself and others, and avoid sources of conflict
  • compensate for personality imbalances and achieve maximum productivity

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The Team behind Your Preferences

Academy28 offers a rapid online behavioural preferences tool for the busy modern individual, linked to everyday, practical business challenges. This is available alongside a unique method of enabling trainers to match their delivery style to the learning preferences of their audiences. We also offer a full range of webinar support and virtual training programme development services.

Learn more about us at www.academy28.com.